The 10 Best Products for Babies on iHerb.

We all want our babies to have the best – colorful and safe toys, effective and harmless multivitamins, high-quality and hypoallergenic hygiene products… Unfortunately, classic stores are not always willing to offer this “best”. And even if they are, they will do it for the price of an airplane wing.

A quick, easy and economical method all the same to buy products for children and products the appropriate properties – South American online store Iherb. There is a wide range of natural and non-hazardous items for children:

vitamins and food additives necessary for healthy growth and development; hypoallergenic cosmetics – shampoos, balms, toothpastes, soaps…; high-quality hygiene products made of non-hazardous (often natural) materials – toothbrushes, combs, teethers…; environmentally friendly food products; colorful and harmless toys.

All this wealth has passed countless tests, received dozens of certificates. But the best proof of the property – sales: once a day on the website hundreds of thousands of purchases are made, and satisfied customers return here for their favorite products again and again.

We’ve gathered you the best products for kids on Iherb. The list of the best-selling products is obviously not exhaustive. If you have the opportunity and desire, supplement it in the comments, based on personal experience.

1. Animal Parade Immunobuster from Nature’s Plus.

Chewable vitamin tablets in the shape of animals from Animal Parade series is one of the most favorite children’s products on Iherb. The line includes products for different purposes – with calcium and zinc, with vitamins from A to D, with omega-3..

Immunobuster, a remedy to boost immunity, from “Animal Parade” is breaking sales records during the cold season. And that makes sense. Adults will appreciate the high-quality, non-hazardous, hypoallergenic formula based on essential vitamins (A, C, E) and natural products (grape juice concentrate, turmeric, Chinese green tea, lactobacilli) that directly or indirectly stimulate immunity. Kids are always ecstatic about the shape of jelly pills – in the form of kittens, dogs, bears, hippos.

From the reviews:

“I did not believe in the effectiveness of pills. But in vain. I am glad that I tried it, I will take it on a regular basis. My son was very, very often ill (in a week), in fact routinely on antibiotics, even the hospital explained to me that I do not have a “kindergarten” child. I tried a bunch of different pharmaceutical products, starting with homeopathy, and eventually an ENT prescribed a hormonal product. To summarize, I would like to say that these vitamins helped us cope with the pain. The child finally began to relax and go to kindergarten. “Super pills! Good composition that really works! My child gets sick a lot less and the illnesses are relieved a lot more. Earlier the snot turned into otitis media and purulent otitis media, high temperature, sick leave for two weeks, but now the snot is just a snot 🙂 We take a course twice a year, in spring and in the fall. “Didn’t see any tangible effect. I gave it at the signs of illness, which eventually resulted in the baby being 1.5 weeks sick. Maybe it was a little too late to give. Two capsules a day for seven days. The child (7 years old) didn’t like the taste, he wrinkled his nose. In the end he ate only with jam. I also tried it myself. In my opinion, it tastes normal, not unpleasant. And the virus in my case managed to overcome more quickly than usual.

2. Strawberry-flavored fish oil for children Nordic Naturals.

Fish oil (aka – omega-3) is available from many manufacturers. But not every such product is good for you. Often cod liver oil is obtained from the liver of large species of marine fish, not really caring where the fish has spent its life and how dirty the waters are. Nordic Naturals brand takes great care to make sure that its products are very safe, environmentally friendly and effective. That’s why the products under this brand are a little more expensive than competitors, but it’s worth it.

Specifically, this baby omega-3 is made from the liver of feral Arctic cod, which has undergone the highest degree of purification. Half a teaspoon of the product contains 500 20 5 mg of essential fatty acids needed to support children’s intelligence, alertness, good mood and development of the brain and nervous system in general.

From reviews:

“Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids significantly improve the brain activity of the baby and are a beautiful sedative for babies, they help reduce anxiety and stress in babies, increase immunity and ennoble the baby’s eyesight. My daughter is not measured, irritable, restless and cranky. Already after the first two weeks of use I saw the effect, she became calmer, more rational, and her memory improved. Even people around her have seen improvements. “The capsules are small, pea-sized, smell like strawberries, if you bite into them, there is no strawberry flavor, my daughter preferred to swallow them. There is no problem with swallowing. This is the best product I have ever taken!”I did not expect any visible results from the order, but my daughter is speaking, drawing, modeling and concentrating better on what she is doing. These findings I made not immediately, because.к. I did not expect such a benefit from the supplement, but I had already found a speech therapist for lessons. “The capsule smells pleasantly strawberry when you take it, but when you crack it open, it’s horrible. Fish oil in its purest form.”.

3. Kid’s Xlear nasal saline solution.

This solution is one of Iherb’s best sellers. It comes in a comfortable spray form and helps relieve runny nose and nasal congestion for kids and adults alike.

The spray is made of 100% natural products and contains no harmful substances that would affect vasospasm. Because it can be used every day – as long as the problem with breathing does not recede.

From the reviews:

“It is a must-have for those with small children. It can be used every day – before and after gardening to irrigate the nose. So we wash out the bacteria, moisturize the mucosa. “I got this product for my own 10-month-old offspring. Very aesthetically looking and packaging, and the bottle itself. But dripping it into small nostrils is awkward. When you press it is not absolutely clear how many drops and in general pressed whether. I only understand by yelling that I must have overdosed.”. “The composition is good: distilled water, corn xylitol, salt, grapefruit seed extract (the latter is known for its anti-viral effect!). Particularly the presence of xylitol is fun. I remember this xylitol from a gum commercial. I always thought it was a sugar substitute. I found out that xylitol just keeps foreign germs from settling on the baby’s nasal mucosa.

4. Barlean’s Soothing Laryngeal Spray (44.4 ml)

This product is a good method to protect your baby’s throat in the off-season, to help your child get rid of coughing and to quickly cope with a cold. The spray is made on a natural base: it includes moisturizing glycerin, soothing olive leaf extract, and essential oils of mint, lemon, sage, which have proven disinfectant qualities.

From reviews:

“The taste, of course, is not very mild, but the remedy is good, quickly helps to cure the larynx, the symptoms go away in 3-4 days.”. “It contains a rattling mixture – bactericidal, antiviral and immunostimulatory at once! I think this is one of the most effective sprays on aicherb.”. “Thermonuclear flavor. That’s why my kids didn’t go for it, it was too toxic. But for adults it’s great!”

5. Probiotic supplement Garden of Life with vitamins C and D, cranberry and banana flavor (30 pills)

A healthy intestinal microflora is necessary: it affects not only digestion, and the immune system and metabolism in general. But often, for various reasons, living in the intestinal tract beneficial bacteria die: it’s caused by bad environment, poor diet, taking antibiotics ..

The supplement contains fourteen strains of bifidus and lactobacilli, which help rapidly return the damaged gastrointestinal flora and provide a child with real nutrition, growth and protection from infection.

From the reviews:

“For a child with allergies, it worked great. We take courses of 30 to 5 days. The result – the daily stools are fine, no allergies. Grind it in a mortar, then dissolve it in water and give it to the baby. Juicy – I tried it myself. “My daughter had the strongest dysbacteriosis. The food was not actually digested, there was no appetite. Almost a few days after starting to take it, appetite appeared, and after two weeks the food began to be digested.”.

6. Daily Moisturizing Baby Lotion Aveeno, unscented (532 ml)

The bestselling product. Made with natural colloidal oats. It is hypoallergenic, with no fragrances or preservatives, so it is suitable even for the delicate skin of newborn babies. Absorbs quickly, does not clog pores.

From the reviews:

“I bought it for my atopic baby. It is super moisturizing! The only product I’m 100% happy with, even though I haven’t tried anything from the drugstore ranges…” “I was confused by the silicon in my mouth and the lack of an antibiotic in my mouth. “I was a little confused by the silicone in the product. I asked the doctor and she said it was for water retention. But I do not smear it all over the baby’s body, only on the hands, feet, cheeks, so the body breathes. I took a second bottle. “The lotion has a kind of enveloping property, the skin after it is silky. I even took it to the sea as an after-sun treatment. It’s very good!”The active ingredient is dimethicone, a watery silicone. The product leaves a palpable synthetic film on my skin, so I wouldn’t even try it on a baby. For my adult, irritated and dry skin, it even worked fine.

7. Himalaya Baby Shampoo with Hibiscus and chickpea (200 ml)

Hygiene products of this brand can be found in Russian supermarkets. But, perhaps, it’s no secret that formulas vary depending on the region where the product is to be sold. In this case we are talking about high-quality shampoo, designed for the South American children’s market.

Himalaya Children’s Shampoo was developed specifically for the sensitive skin of children and has undergone a number of clinical research studies. The chickpeas in its composition nourish the hair, and hibiscus gives them smoothness (which makes it easy to comb) and shine.

From the reviews:

“The acquaintance began with a sample, caught my eye. I ordered two hundred ml and liked it, then I ordered four hundred ml and I have to go next. It foams great, the smell is divine, the consumption is economical. “My nephew had a flaky scalp. Tried this shampoo and it cleared up. I will buy more.”. “My nephew’s hair washed well, it doesn’t sting, smells nice and unobtrusive, has a gel consistency, gives a nice voluminous foam. After implementation, there is no tangling, my hair is great styling. The price is ridiculous for its properties. “I ordered shampoo for long hair – but not for the baby, but for a child. My hair is very stiff after washing and it is hard to lather it up (although that’s a plus). Nice smell. High consumption.”.

8. Weleda anti-frost cream (30ml)

Irreplaceable product for the cool season. The cream has a thick, rich texture and provides effective protection for children’s tender skin from frost and icy winds. Its composition includes natural beeswax: it makes a breathable layer that protects the cheeks from water loss.

From the reviews:

“Took my offspring for frosty days. I took it for my little one on frosty days and tried a bunch of creams in Russia, all of them made my child’s face chapped. The only downside – the strong smell of marigold, which is almost never weathered. “Good cream for winter walks. It is thick and must be absorbed into the skin. It was mentioned as a cooling cream, but I don’t know why. I did not feel the cooling effect. The smell is apothecary, but for us personally it is not unpleasant or annoying. It absorbs great, but my skin is dry. “The tube is small, but it needs a minimum of cream, it comes out economically. “I use it myself after I go to the pool in winter (I walk home) and for suburban walks to keep from getting chapped. And it’s warmer somehow, my nose doesn’t get cold. “The kids love this cream because they feel a real difference: their cheeks don’t get chilly with it. “Very happy with this purchase, it’s our masthead for every winter. And indeed: if in summer we protect ourselves from the sun, using creams with sun filters, why not protect our skin with special products also in winter, when it suffers from severe frost?”

9. CleanWell natural alcohol-free sanitizer for baby hands (30 ml)

During the cold season it is very important to keep hands clean – because through touch infections often spread: a child grabbed the handrail, a door handle, just said hello to a classmate, then rubbed the same Palm eyes – and lo and behold, there is the flu, the flu or something worse. That’s why sanitizers – disinfectant sprays and gels – are popular: they can be carried in a backpack or a pocket and, if necessary, at any time to disinfect the hands.

True, it is often difficult to find a similar tool for the baby. Most of the number of those antiseptics that are sold in conventional stores, are made on the basis of alcohol: he dries delicate baby skin, making it more sensitive to irritation, and even means to leave behind a sticky film.

Clean Well Sanitizer has none of these problems. It is made with an alcohol-free base. The key active ingredient is thymus oil, which has proven antiseptic properties. In addition to thymus oil, the product is enriched with natural aloe gel and oregano oil, which moisturize, nourish and protect baby skin from irritation.

From the reviews:

“Size is not bad, comfortable to hold in hand. The lid hinges very comfortably. Not sticky, dries instantly (a significant difference from the regular gel ones I’ve tried).”. “Fits even in a small purse. For walks with the kids it’s perfect!”. “No that horrible alcohol aroma as many gels or sprays have.”. “The whole family uses it. Especially on trips, in cafes or just outdoors. The kids are getting sick less often and perceptibly. “The smell is herbal and quite pungent. Disgusting to me and it stays on for a long time. It’s good for people who like that kind of scent.

10. Brush Buddies electronic toothbrush for baby.

South American brand Brush Buddies practices in making toothbrushes and other hygiene products for kids. This particular brush, as well as other products of the brand, is made considering all the features of the oral cavity and teeth of babies. Soft, round-cut bristles do not hurt the baby’s narrow enamel and gums.

Catchy “cartoon” design and ease of use will probably intrigue the baby. A separate plus is the economical price of the brush, which is especially nice, taking into account the fact that the set includes batteries.